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Are You Struggling to Cope With Perimenopause in the Workplace?

Many women find their symptoms are interfering with their work. Hot flashes, brain fog, joint pain or excessive bleeding can all lead to performance issues. 

  • You'll discover that workplace accommodations can be simple and inexpensive
  • Get this guide so you can identify solutions that would help you
  • ​Use the tips and talking points to guide the conversation with your manager
  • ​Avoid performance problems and reduce your symptoms of perimenopause so you can get back to doing the things you love
  • ​Cut through confusion with this definitive guide and take action!
"I feel that I received great value from Dyna’s work. She not only anticipates her clients’ needs, but also cares deeply about the outcome. Her content is well-organized and reflects her thorough knowledge of the subject and her commitment to success. Highly recommended.”

 - Deb D., Happy Customer 
Reduce workplace anxiety by offering your solutions
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